Recorded relaxation practice

After years of being asked if I’d record myself guiding you through Śavāsana, I have finally done it.  I’ve been reluctant to in the past as I always try to teach in a way that leads to you being autonomous with your own home practice.

The viniyoga of Yoga perspective is that the role of  Śavāsana
is its use as a recovery from the fatigue of the Āsana,
not its use as a recovery from the fatigue of life.

Paul Harvey, Centre for Yoga Studies

When taken during and at the end of a yoga practice Śavāsana allows time for our body to recover from the physical exertion of the practice.  We rest to allow the yoga practice to integrate and settle before moving back into our daily activity. Traditionally this isn’t a time to recover from the exhaustion from daily activities.

However different times lead to different decisions.  I feel we all need to take more care of ourselves and carve out recovery time.  I know Śavāsana for a lot of people can be a place to find this rest, hence making this recording.

I’ve been thinking about how much people enjoy the short relaxtion at the end of a group yoga class and see the value in sharing a longer practice with you during the second lockdown in Wales.

I offer this yoga relaxation as an addition to your physical yoga practice. I know that some of your are struggling to make time for more formal yoga practice and many of us are feeling exhausted.  This recording can be a good way to recharge your batteries and help you get back to a regular home practice.

Suggested Donations

I’ve also been thinking about ways we can all support each other through this time.  

I’m asking if you can, that in exchange for this free recording you make a contribution to a Foodbank local to you.  They take donations of food but also money as they can often get better deals bulk buying from warehouses.

If you would like to donate you can click the red donate button on the Swansea Foodbank website (top right corner).  You can choose a one-off donation or can set up a direct debit to be paid monthly or quarterly.  If you don’t live in Swansea and want to support your local food bank please look up their details online.

You can access this video by using the password swanseafoodbank-YP

Watch the session here

password – swanseafoodbank-YP

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In this free consultation Beth can find out more about your lifestyle and assess your current mobility and strength.  If you choose to have lessons Beth will then be able to design a practice specifically to address your needs. 

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