Yoga Practice - Sleep Recordings

Yoga Practice tips and techniques to help you understand sleep problems and provide you with some tools to improve your sleep

Sleep Recordings

I have just published sleep recordings from the workshop I delivered via Zoom on 20th June 2020

In these 15 short sleep recordings, I cover a lot of information

  • an introduction to sleep issues, identifying common problems.  
  • discussion on sleep quality and the myth of 8 hours of sleep.  
  • several short yoga practices based around focusing on your breathing
  • a few yoga practices based on movement with breath which you can do sitting in a chair.
  • a brief summary of ayurvedic constitutions and the daily pattern of when particular doṣa are dominant and how this may relate to sleep issues at certain times.  
  • tips from leading sleep researchers of practical things you can do to help you wind down and help you get off to sleep either when you go to bed or in the middle of the night.  
  • ideas for things you can do in the morning or the middle of the day which could help you sleep at night.  These are often just as important as the things you do at night.


To subscribe to the sleep recordings please complete this health questionnaire Beth will then be able to advise you if you should modify or avoid certain exercises.  If you’d prefer not to disclose health information you can indicate this on the form.

Subscription is £10 for unlimited viewings on Vimeo through an invite-only group.

You can pay via Paypal once Beth has received your health information.

“A super zoom session with Beth cox today on yoga and sleep issues.
Highly informative with practical advice, tips and tools to pop in your tool kit for a great night’s sleep.
Highly recommended.”

Dr Melanie Jones PhD.

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