yoga and nervous system child pose

Yoga and our nervous system

This series of 5 videos is from one of Beth’s workshops exploring yoga and our nervous system.

What’s in the course

  • improve your understanding of why we react in certain ways
  • recognise different states of our nervous system
  • change your nervous system state through movement and breath
  • make the connection between polyvagal theory and the the 3 gunas
  • recognise the importance of interactions with others when regulating your nervous ssytem


Course taster

Watch Beth demostrating 3 different types of nervous system reactions…

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Before starting individual yoga lessons Beth will meet you for a chat to discuss what your objectives are. 

In this free consultation Beth can find out more about your lifestyle and assess your current mobility and strength.  If you choose to have lessons Beth will then be able to design a practice specifically to address your needs. 

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