Yoga Breath (Billnoll)

Balancing Effort 

Sat 27th March 2021

      • Discover how yoga can improve your ability to balance your effort
      • Notice the amount of effort you use
      • Recognise signs before you’ve taken on too much
      • Practice techniques to restore yourself
      • Explore ideas through yoga teachings & Western psychology

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    Online via Zoom




    Balancing Effort

    How do you find that perfect balance between forceful drive and practical strive? More info

    2-hour In-person £20.

    Max 11 participants.




    Maintaining focus

    Tips and techniques to help keep your mind in the present moment during your yoga practice

    3-hour In-person £25.

    Max 10 participants. Early-bird ticket £20 valid until 10/04/21





    Tips and techniques to apply during your yoga practice and your life beyond the mat.

    3-hour In-person £25.

    Max 10 participants. Early-bird ticket £20 valid until 08/05/21

    More Details

    For more details about what we will be studying in each workshop, just follow the link

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    What to Expect in a Yoga Workshop


    In this clip Beth describes what you might expect during a yoga workshop.


    Future Workshop

    Early Bird Offer

    Save £5 if you book a 3-hour in-person workshop before 10th April 2021

    Use code E-BIRD-WS-APR21 when booking.

    Maximum of 10 participants

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