Yoga Breath (Billnoll)

Being more Mindful

Sat 29 May

  • Understand the 3 levels of mindfulness – Dhāraṇā, Dhyāna and Samādhi
  • Improve our concentration skills through practice.
  • Apply tools to help you to maintain focus (Bhāvana)
  • Explore maintaining focus in postures, breathing and mediation
  • Explore ideas through yoga teachings

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Swansea Wellbeing Centre 10:00-13:00




Being more mindful 

Tips and techniques to help keep your mind in the present moment during your yoga practice and in daily life.

3-hour online £25.

Max 10 participants. Early-bird ticket £20 valid until 10/05/21




Recognise your character traits

Learn about the three character traits identified in Āyurveda.  Learn how you can play to your strengths and optimise your health. More info coming soon

3-hour In-person £25

Max 10 participants. Early-bird ticket £20 valid until 5/06/21




Exploring Clarity

Do we always think with clarity?  Our thoughts are real but are they always true? In this yoga workshop, we’ll investigate our clarity and how we can improve it.

3-hour In-person £25.

Max 10 participants. Early-bird ticket £20 valid until 10/07/21

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For more details about what we will be studying in each workshop, just follow the link

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What to Expect in a Yoga Workshop


In this clip Beth describes what you might expect during a yoga workshop.


Future Workshop

Early Bird Offer

Save £5 if you book a 3-hour in-person workshop before 10th May 2021

Use code E-BIRD-WS-YP21 when booking.

Maximum of 10 participants

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