Breath & Posture (Nov 20)

Yoga workshop Sat 7th Nov

How can taking a full breath affect your posture?

In this workshop we will explore how expanding your breath can create more shape change in your spine and support your posture. We will work with directional breath, helping you to you create more space in your lungs and access movement in postural muscles. This will help you to extend your breath length and ease tension.

I’ll explain the movement you’ll be practising from an anatomical perspective as well as linking it to traditional yoga teachings. You will learn how this breathing technique influences the energy involved with assimilation (Prāna) and excretion (Āpāna) and the balance between the two. Join us to experience how you work with a breath-centred yoga practice.

Thank you for a very enlightening morning. Sometimes I don’t realize how much I don’t know. I feel very inspired to explore these concepts a lot more. It really was a fascinating workshop.

Elizabeth: Workshop Participant

Taking yoga further

This will be an interactive, experiential workshop where we will explore yoga teachings and apply them through movement and breathwork. To participate you will benefit if you have some previous experience of yoga, the workshop will be accessible to anyone who doesn’t have any restriction in their day to day movements.

Workshop timings

The morning will be broken down into three theory/discussion session each about 10 minute long.  Two yoga practice sessions about 40 minutes long and time at the end to reflect on the content ask questions or make observations.

Young woman - yoga warrior pose

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