Small Group Yoga

Small groups provide the perfect medium for learning.

The classes are taught in short courses where we can explore a theme in detail.

Block booking or drop-in places maybe available.

Current group classes are all mixed ability.



All Souls Church Hall



Swansea Environment Centre



Swansea Wellbeing Centre
Walter Road

Work within Your Boundaries

Beth can easily give adjustments for movements so you don’t have to skip any of the group class. You can work to your own ability within the group setting and not force your body or breath into discomfort.

Space for Learning

 By signing up for a course of sessions you can pick up a concept and work through it together without the disruption of new people joining mid-term.

Supportive Environment

Everyone in my group classes was the new person at one point.  By keeping the group small there is a supportive atmosphere and new students often comment on how welcome they feel.

More than Movement

Through short courses Beth introduces aspects traditional teachings of yoga that can be experienced during the group class and explored in between sessions on and off the yoga mat.

Practice at Home

Beth provides a complementary home practice which algins to the themes covered in the course so you can do a short practice at home to reinforce what we cover in class.

Sense of Belonging

 Small groups provide an informal community where we feel a sense of belonging and support through our communal interest in yoga.

Book Now

Get in contact with Beth to arrange a free consultation or to find out when there are classes for you to join. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


What should I bring?

All you need is a yoga mat to begin with, in the future you may want to buy other equipment but to start off you can use items round the home like cushions or chairs as props.

What should I wear?

You don’t need any particular yoga clothes; any comfortable loose trousers and t-shirt are fine. Having an optional top layer can be handy too.

What can I expect in a group yoga course? 

Group classes are taught in short courses where we cover a particular theme.  This helps us to explore concepts in more depth and to focus on one aspect (bhāvāna) of practice. The whole group can develop their understanding at a similar pace.

What Is Involved in a Group Class Session?

Class start with standing poses, warming our body and breath, working with kneeling, and lying poses and building up towards seated poses which require more flexibility.  You will move with your breath between poses a number of times before we move onto another posture, occasionally we may combine postures in a sequence.  Towards the end of the practice when our mind is often calmer, we spend time with a Prāṇāyāma (breathing) practice and a short relaxation. 

How Long Are the Yoga Group Classes?

Classes are 75 minutes, after a short introduction we spend the first 55-60 minutes doing movement and the last 10-15 minutes initially sitting practicing Prāāyāma (breathing) followed by some gentle lying movements and relaxing focusing on our body, breath and mind.


All Class Times



All souls church sketty

Hybrid(online) OR




environment centre

Hybrid(online) OR





The swansea wellbeing centre

First Class Free

Try your first group class with Beth for free, to find out if the group yoga classes would suit you.

You can book a free yoga taster class for either an online or in-person live lesson.

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