Self-Care Retreat

Give yourself a break
Self care – yoga retreat day

A whole day of self-care, yoga, mindfulness, embodied practice, yoga Nidra.

Take a break from day-to-day life but also a break from judgement and criticism.

  • Physical movements to stretch your body and release tension.
  • Practical ways to recharge your batteries.

  • Noticing and reframing your thought patterns and behaviours

  • Reflecting on current habits and ways to change them.

  • Ending with a gentle movement followed by a guided relaxation whilst lying down.

Join us for a slow-paced, full-day yoga retreat.

Practices and tips and techniques that will help you to recharge your batteries.

Along with ways to noice and reframe your inner critic so that you preserve the energy you’re gathering by prioritising your self-care.

Do you know the theory of practicing self compassion but don’t feel the effects of it? 

I know as well as anyone, how difficult it can be to turn the volume down on our inner critic.  It’s so easy to fall in to the habit of listening to the voice that can go round in circles not easing off or giving you a break.

If we’re able to develop the habit of practising self-compassion rather than criticism we’d feel a whole lot better.  We have more energy and enjoyment from life.

But have you ever tried practicing self-compassion?

You may have tried reciting affirmations but is reciting them enough.  Do you actually belief what you’re saying? I’ve tried all sorts of affirmations to offer my self compassion but they don’t always land in my body, they’re just words.

For self-compassion practices to be effective we need to feel it in our body rather than reciting words in our mind.

When was the last time you offered your body caring comfort? Like wrapping yourself in a blanket and enjoying the warmth. Truly caring for yourself like you would care for a sick animal or child. 

During the retreat day we’ll be exploring a wide variety of practises that are simple and easy to do.  If you find one that works well for you keep doing it.  In order to change our habits we need to make new ones stronger. The only way of doing this is through regular repetition.

Self Care Yoga Retreat

Sunday 22nd Oct
Swansea Wellbeing Centre.

£49 for the day includes lunch and snacks.

Who’s it designed for?

This is retreat day is prefect for busy people who want to quick and easy ways to prioritise their self-care.

Do you often find yourself :-
– blaming yourself for things going wrong
– wishing you we’re different
– putting tonnes of effort in and still feeling like you could have done more
– treating yourself like you’d treat your worst enemy
– wishing someone would look after your needs for a change

Who’s it’s not designed for?

This isn’t a fit if you

  • want to attend a yoga retreat with a whole day of strong physical practice.
  • You want to work on improving your yoga poses.
  • If you’re already great at self-compassion and can’t hear your inner critic or
  • If you feel you would benefit from speaking to a counsellor or therapist one to one about your thoughts and feelings.

What to expect

The retreat day is about slowing down, there’s lots of space and time to absorb the effects and information form the day.

The day is broken down into seasons, starting with spring where we let go of things, summer where we taking in nourishment, autumn where we reflect on habits we might want to change and winter where you allow your body and mind to totally rest.

People have said how much they feel supported during the day, that there’s space to talk or be quiet, that there’s space to share or not.

To me it’s really important for the day to feel like you’re in pressure free zone, you can listen to what you need throughout the day.

During the retreat you’ll experience the nourishing space where you give yourself permission to slow down and relax.

Bring self care into every day

My aim is to offer you space and time to relax along with offering tips of simple things you can do every day to help replenish yourself. I’ll offer a few different experiments for you to try, that can shift how you feel in your body and mind.  These are designed to create fast and deep changes that stick. 

So it’s not only about the experience have on the day.  By the end of the day you’ll be able choose which tools you’d like to start practicing. Which are helpful for recharge your batteries and which are useful to preserve the precious energy you’ve generated. Helping you to gain a better balance in your day to day life. 

I’m really passionate about supporting people to reconnect with their body’s wisdom, in simple, practical ways that are quick and effective.  I believe when we live in harmony with our body, we can feel more in control and make choices that support what we truly need.

Embodiment coaching

How do I keep the price so low?

One of the reasons I’m able to keep the price low is by hosting the retreat at the beautiful Swansea Wellbeing Centre which once you’re inside, it feels like a sanctuary but isn’t in a grand setting.  You’re not paying for the setting but for the quality of the space we create.

Compared to a 1:1 session at £60 an hour or 6 x hourly class at £42 it’s a bargain for a full day including food.

Yoga retreat tea break

Do I need to be good at yoga?

Some people are concerned about their level of yoga experience. 

This day is suitable for beginners as well as those who’ve got more experience. 

During the posture practice, I explain things clearly and invite you to find the shapes that feel best for your body rather than being very specific about the form of each posture. 

This can be really liberating for both beginners and people with more experience in yoga.

Retreat Day Lunch

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