Recorded relaxation practice

I often teach relaxation yoga classes to my evening groups to end the year.

This year I recorded the class to share with you here.  It’ll be available until Monday 10th January.

When taken during and at the end of a yoga practice Śavāsana allows time for our body to recover from the physical exertion of the practice.  We rest to allow the yoga practice to integrate and settle before moving back into our daily activity. Traditionally this isn’t a time to recover from the exhaustion from daily activities.

The viniyoga of Yoga perspective is that the role of  Śavāsana
is its use as a recovery from the fatigue of the Āsana,
not its use as a recovery from the fatigue of life.

Paul Harvey, Centre for Yoga Studies

However different times lead to different decisions.  I feel we all need to take more care of ourselves and carve out recovery time.  I know Śavāsana for a lot of people can be a place to find this rest, hence offering this recording.

The recording starts with a five minute introduction, followed by a 35 minute movement practice ending with a 30 minute guided relaxation.  You can follow this recording to recharge your batteries and help you get into a regular home practice.

Suggested Donations

People often ask if they can give a donation in exchange for the recording. Last year I suggested donating to the Swansea food bank where they also take donations of money as they can often get better deals bulk buying from warehouses. I know some of you have set up a monthly bank transfer since then.  It has been a joy to find out how the previous recording I offered led to such generosity.

If you’d like to give a donation to a different charity this year I’d suggest The Wallich. I’ve been leading mindfulness sessions in conjunction with The Wallich – Welsh homeless charity, organised through The Swansea Wellbeing Centre. The sessions have offered support to homeless people, helping them feel safe, valued and positive about their future.

I’d love to hear how you found the session. 

Email Beth feedback –

Relaxation Yoga Practice

Click on the image above or click below to open the video on YouTube.

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