Mindful Change – 6-week course

Mindful change – 6-wk online course

In Yoga Practice’s course – Mindful Change we support you in the process of starting and sticking with a new or lost healthy habit.

It doesn’t matter what behavioural change you want to make if you’re not doing it.

There are two different course options depending on the kind of change you are aiming to achieve.

Getting yourself to the mat

Establish a physical yoga practice or seated mindful practice.

Changing how we act off the mat

Change how you RE-ACT, focusing on working with habitual thought or behaviour patterns.

Getting yourself to the mat

Establish a physical yoga practice or seated mindful practice.

Do you want to establish a home practice but are really struggling to get going? Do you talk a good talk but struggle with the motivation to actually start? Is there something getting in the way of you making that first step?

Monday 6:00-7:00 pm

Changing how we act off the mat

Change how you RE-ACT focusing on working with habitual thought or behaviour patterns.

Do you already have an established mindfulness practice such as meditation or physical yoga?  Has this led to changes in your awareness of how you re-act to situations in your daily life?  Is there a behaviour trait or thought pattern that you’d like to change?

Monday 12:00-1:00 pm

Course Content

Both courses will support you in making behavioural changes. Much of the theory is the same, but we use different examples and tools to explore and apply the changes depending on what you’re working on.

Each week you will

  • Learn
    explore tips and techniques and understand each topic from both an Eastern and Western perspective.
  • Try
    experiment with a 10-minute mindful practice.
  • Apply
    practice what you learn at home before you move on to the next session.

Week 1-3:- Observing, establishing and developing small behaviour changes.
Weeks 4-6:-  Working with a keystone habit to implement bigger behaviour changes.

Both of the Mindful Change courses cover the following topics:-

C     Challenge – Why is it difficult to change our behaviour?

H     Hunger – What’s the depth of your desire to change?

A     Act – What motivates us to act and take that first step?

N     Negotiables – What can you let go of? How can you make time for change?

G     Goals – How to take intelligent steps to achieve your goal

E      Empowerment – Feel empowered to stick with the change

Next Course Dates 
Mon 15 March – 26 April (No session 5 April Easter Monday)
£45 per person,
Taught via Zoom. (Max 12 participants)
All sessions will be recorded and available for 14 days after the live lesson.

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Maximum of 12 participants

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