Make time for yourself

With school holiday upon us do you have more or less time for yourself?

Everyone’s situation is different, but we are all affected by the holidays whether we are directly involved with childcare, have a break from work or are working whilst others are on holiday.  Or you might notice an increase in the number of visitors to Wales and quieter roads first thing in the morning.

When our routine is altered, I think it’s a great time to reflect, whatever your situation.

How often do you actually make time to do things you enjoy?
Do you end up filling your day, avoiding making time for yourself?

Even if it’s carving out 5 minutes every day, having ‘me-time’ can help us to recharge our batteries.

If you had a whole day to yourself tomorrow, what would you do?
In your dreams where would you go?  If no-one judged you what would you choose?


Picnic in nature, paint or write, walk in the countryside, dinner out for one, going to the cinema

Okay, a whole day might not be a reality for a lot of people, but if you had 5 minutes every day you could:- sketch, read, meditate, go for a walk, drink a cup of tea, journal or even dead-head flowers in the garden.

I challenge you to spend 5 minutes truly being in the moment EVERY day.
Is there something you could make a ritual from now until September?

The best way to stick with it for a whole month is to write a commitment to yourself.

Make a commitment
This summer I commit to taking 5 minutes ‘me-time’ every day:-
What Be specific about what will you do. It needs to be easy, enjoyable and achievable. When you make this time try not to fill it dwelling on the past or future.
When Every morning / afternoon/ evening and for how long
(set a reminder alarm)
Where Choose somewhere easy to get to, where you won’t get disturbed
How How can you make this time your own? Do you need to set boundaries with others like a do not disturb sign on your door?
Why Everyone deserves time to do something just for themselves, remind yourself of the reason why you are making time for yourself.

As a ritual, I take time for myself every morning in my office at home to practice 15-20 min meditation, 30-40 min yoga.  I also spend 2-3 minutes in the evening writing in my journal.
My husband (and dog) know not to disturb me during these times as I’m clear on my boundaries.  
I do this so I can be fully present with my friends, family and totally focused in work.

Even though I have this daily ritual I also need to take more time to fully recharge every now and again.  This summer I’ll be working between the 2nd – 18th in August.
I’ll be back teaching 1:1 yoga on Wed 3rd Sept, drop-in groups on 4th Sept and group courses will start back on the 7th September.

I hope you can carve out a little bit of ‘me time’ every day and have an enjoyable summer.

Me time

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