Embodiment Coaching

Embodiment Coaching –

Rebuilding body-mind connections

What happens when we start to listen to our body more and begin to rebuild body-mind connections?

By tuning into the deep wisdom of our bodies we can:

  • stop holding tension in our body. 
  • trust our instincts more.
  • change how we are in the world.  

I recently completed a certificate in embodiment coaching which has deepened both my own embodiment and given me tools to help others re-connect with their bodies. 

During one to one coaching sessions, people were able to explore ideas both through their thoughts but also by listening to how they feel in their body.  By tuning into the body, we can notice our patterns, see things from a different perspective, and shift how we think and feel on a deeper level.

Embodiment Coaching session support people to:

  • Generate new ideas around projects,
  • Find ways to feel more relaxed and release tension.
  • Explore tangible ways to rest and re-charge their batteries.
  • Gain more confidence in their body and voice when giving presentations,
  • Feel more able to express their needs to others and set clearer boundaries.

Embodiment Coaching –

What people say:-


Beth introduced me to some simple practical tools to help me stay grounded, particularly in relation to my decision-making processes. It really helped and continues to do so to this day.

Nigel Little – Teacher


I have found a new awareness of myself and an ability to change to way I think or react in situations which previously would have induced anxiety or feelings of being put down.

Claire Lewis – Yoga group class participant


I found the experience motivating and was pleasantly surprised how effectively the techniques work for me, especially considering the small number of sessions.

Chris Carter – Yoga group class participant


The techniques Beth showed me helped me to understand myself better and, in turn, I feel calmer and more grounded in my day to day life

Olga Petrovska – Yoga group class participant

When working with the body change can happen quickly and at a deep level.

I really loved how transformational these simple embodiment practices can be for people I’ve worked with.  So much so that I added to my initial training and have completed a certificate in body-orientated coaching with The Somatic School in March 2022. 

As I’m currently developing my coaching skills, I’m offering a 25% discount until 1st Sept 2022. 

Contact me if you’d like to find out more.

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Embodiment Coaching

Special Offer

After certificating as an embodiment coach with the Somatic School in March 2022. I’m offering discounted sessions until I’ve completed 100 hours of coaching.

60 min £30 (25% discount until 1st Sept 2022)
Online via zoom
In person (in Swansea)

Book a free discovery call today.


Embodiment coaching
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