Balancing Effort (4 Dec)

Yoga Workshop – Balancing Effort

In our yoga practice, we try to balance our physical and mental effort between too much (sthira) and too little (sukha).  In this workshop, we’ll explore how we can optimise the amount of effort we use both on and off the mat.

  • Discover how yoga can improve your ability to balance your effort
  • Improve your awareness of how much effort you use in your yoga practice and life
  • Recognise signs before you’ve taken on too much
  • Learn techniques to restore yourself
  • Explore ideas through yoga teachings & Western psychology

Eastern Philosophy and Western Psychology

The theory covered in the workshop will be based on yoga philosophy and Western psychology.

  You will be given tips and techniques to help you recognise when you’re putting in too much or too little effort both on and off the yoga mat.   There will be opportunities to discuss the concepts Beth introduces and how it relates to our everyday lives.

Workshop Timings

The 2-hour morning session will be broken down into three theory/discussion session each about 15 minutes long plus questions.  Two yoga practice sessions about 30 minutes and a few minutes to reflect on the content ask questions or make observations.  

I’ll inviting you to stay on after the workshop finishes to grab a cuppa and chat through ideas with myself and other participants between 12:00-12:30 if you’d like to.

Balancing Effort Yoga workshop

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Maximum of 15 participants

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