Personality Traits (25 Sept)

Yoga Workshop – Personality traits

In this workshop, we’ll explore the concept of the five elements and three constitution types identified in Ayurvedic medicine.

  • Explore how the five elements link to personality types.
  • Learn how you can play to your strengths and optimise your health.
  • Experiment with embodying different elements to change how we feel.
  • Improve relationships with others by appreciating their elemental strengths.
  • Discover how the elements combine to form three dosa identified in Āyurveda.

Eastern Philosophy and Western Psychology

The theory covered in the workshop will be based on yoga philosophy and Western psychology. We will explore the models from Ayurveda, of five elements and 3 dosa (vāta, pitta, kapha) and Prakṛti and Vikṛti.

You will be given tips and techniques to help you recognise your dominant elements and how they combine into dosa.  We will explore the strengths and pitfalls of the elements and consider how we might introduce more of an element into our lives.

Workshop Timings

The 3-hour morning session will be broken down into:-

  • 3 theory/discussion session (25 min) plus questions.
  • 2 yoga practice sessions inc. posture, breathing and meditation practice (40 min)
  • 1 break after the first practice session (15-min)
  • Time for discussion and opportunities to ask questions and make observations.
Character traits

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