About Beth

Beth is a fully lincensed and insured yoga practitioner. She holds the following accreditations/memberships:

  • CYS (Centre of Yoga Studies) Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapy Practitioner Diploma. (500hrs)
  • BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) National Governing Body Associate Yoga Teacher status
  • BCYT (British Council for Yoga Therapy) Professional forum operating in the UK
  • CNHC (Complementary Natural & Healthcare Council) Registered Yoga Therapist
  • EUFNY (European Union of Federations of Yoga) European Teacher Registration
  • CYS (Centre of Yoga Studies) Yoga in Pregnancy Teacher
  • CYS (Centre of Yoga Studies) Sound and Yoga Chant Teacher
  • CYS (Centre of Yoga Studies) Workshops: Foundational Level One Yoga Teacher
  • CYS (Centre of Yoga Studies) Sūtra Psychology – Study of the four chapters of the yoga Sūtra
    CYS (Centre of Yoga Studies) Cikitsā – Applying yoga therapeutically further studies
  • AYS (Association for Yoga Studies) Teaching Yoga Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis in association with the Chiltern MS Centre
  • Alpha Safety Training. Emergency First Aid at Work

Hi There,
I’m Beth

My first experience of yoga was in 1990 in a class at the local leisure centre with my Mum. I continued to practice yoga at weekly classes on and off for several years until I was in a car accident in 2003.  I gradually returned to yoga and regained mobility and strength through the support of individual therapeutic yoga lessons.  

Yoga helped me to recover physically from the accident but also led me to explore other aspects.  Reflecting back, I can now see how my daily yoga practice has changed much more than my strength and mobility. It has changed how I relate to myself, my environment and those around me.  

The initial physical improvements I gained from yoga practice inspired me to explore yoga further through practitioner training programmes taught by Paul Harvey.  

These studies sparked my interest to continue to work with improving my awareness of both the human body and mind – particularly human behaviour – both from Eastern and Western modalities. I thrive on learning and love exploring concepts in more depth to further my understanding. I am thankful for the many opportunities I have of sharing some of these ideas with others.

Yoga Practitioner

What I Offer

Online Classes

A combination of free introductory videos, live “Zoom” sessions and membership-based teaching. Learn in your own time.

Individual Lessons

Online and in-person one to one lessons. These are tailored specifically to you and to your yoga practice.

Corporate Classes

Lunchtime Zoom sessions can be tailored to your workforce. I can help staff ease shoulder and neck tension from working at a desk.

Workshops & Retreats

Regular workshops and events, ranging from 2-3 hours to weekends, to help you extend your understanding and practice of yoga.

Take Your First Class for Free

Taking your first steps in yoga can be daunting and trying to find a teacher who suits the way you want to learn can take time.

The easiest way to find out is to come and practise with Beth. Our first group class lesson is free so you can make your own mind up. I think you will enjoy it...

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