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Traditionally the goal of yoga is to be able to sit with stillness, to contain the thoughts of the mind to a point of focus, rather than the usual merry dance the distracted mind plays.

Beth uses traditional teachings as a foundation to her approach, they inspire all of the themes we work with in more depth.

Patañjali (an ancient Indian scholar) in the Yoga Sūtra speaks about yoga as a tool for refining the mind. He offers a systematic methodology of working with the body, the breath and the mind to nurture physical health and mental stability.

The goal of containment the movements in the mind is still as relevant in modern times as it was historically, however for many people yoga is thought of as physical exercise and little more.

Although the physical aspects of yoga are very important, in this tradition we focus on working with the breath and the mind whilst practicing āsana (postures).

We focus on deeply refining the structural form of primary āsana and developing the breath in the posture, to experience the maximum physical and energetic benefits available. You will develop a strong experience of a few key postures rather than briefly practicing many complicated forms. Through practicing āsana you are introduced to the more subtle aspects of yoga – working with the breath and mind.

As your journey with yoga progresses there is a tendency to shift your focus from solely working with āsana to incorporate working more with prāṇāyāma (seated breathing) and dhyāna (meditation). The foundation work you do in āsana and prāṇāyāma help to prepare your body and mind respectively to practice dhyāna.

“Only through yoga, yoga is known.
Only through yoga, yoga changes.
One who is patient at yoga, enjoys the fruit over a long time.”

From Vyāsa’s commentary on the Yoga Sūtra

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The questions and ideas raised from each session continue to be thought-provoking long after each session has finished.

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Coming Soon - Workshops and Events

The Power of Yoga Breath
Nov 7th 2020

In this workshop, you’ll learn how breathing fully can help you to improve your posture and mobilise your spine.

Sat 7th Nov 2020 10:00-12:00 Zoom £20

This is an online workshop.

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Taking your first steps in yoga can be daunting and trying to find a teacher who suits the way you want to learn can take time.

The easiest way to find out is to come and practise with Beth. Our first group class lesson is free so you can make your own mind up. I think you will enjoy it...

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