Embodiment coaching

Embodiment Coaching

One to one conversations that lead to change.

Offering space and time to gain clarity.

Feel more connected to who you are.

Explore different ways to look after yourself.

Listen to your body

Do you push through hunger, thirst and even the need to pee? When we ignore our bodies basic signals, we create physical stress and tension. We can end up feeling exhausted. You can learn to tune into your body’s signals, to reset the balance and optimise your health.

Fully Commit

Are you full of good intentions but struggle to commit? We know what’s good for us, but if we’re not fully onboard changes don’t stick.  Reframing how we approach changes, so both our body and mind are fully committed, can make all the difference.

Progress at Your Pace

It can take time to learn to read the signals form our body. Through simple experiments you’ll sharpen your skill of noticing physical sensations. With practice, it gets easier to tune in and experience your gut instinct and inner knowing any time you like.

Gain Clarity

Taking time out to chat about an issue can give us more clarity. When our thoughts and ideas are reflected back, we can gain new insights. If we also explore our physical reaction to an issue, we can get quick, definite signals of how we really feel about something.

Generate Ideas

We when tap into our playful or creative side ideas flow. We can learn ways to take on a different embodiment to help us to see things form a different perspective.  We gain awareness and discover new options of ways to move forward.

Prioritise your needs

Do you support others only to find that your needs end up at the bottom of the pile? Would you like to conserve your energy so you can do the things you love? By adapting your body language, you can learn to set clear boundaries without feeling guilty.

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Get in contact with Beth to arrange a free discovery call to find out more about embodiment coaching and ask any questions you may have.


What is Embodiment?

Embodiment is the way we are and how we feel.  It’s how we relate to ourselves and others as a whole person – through both our body and mind.  Often, we might only be aware of how we are only through our thoughts, we ignore our physical sensations and feelings.

When we are exploring things from a place of embodied self-awareness we are fully present in both our body and mind.

What to expect. 

You choose a theme to explore and I’ll help you to unpack it by asking questions to clarify the topic.

We will sit and chat for some parts, you may be invited to move e.g. to walk, stand or hold a posture for a couple of minutes. Sometimes I might offer you some breath work or mindfulness techniques. These experiments are always invitations if one tool doesn’t resonate, we can try something else.

What is embodiment coaching?

In embodiment coaching sessions we explore a topic from both the perspective of our mind and our body.  The body can give us very clear signals as to how we feel about something. We might squirm if we don’t like something, grit our teeth if we’re angry or feel butterflies in our belly if we’re excited.

Through coaching with the body, deeper change is possible, it’s faster, and it sticks.

Don’t expect … 

  • to be offered solutions
  • to be given practises, if appropriate I may share some ideas
  • to be fixed, no one is broken
  • to get stuck in a story, coaching is about moving forward
  • to receive psychotherapy or counselling

Where, how, when? 

The first step is to book a discovery phone call to chat about what to expect and to see if coaching would fit what you’re looking for and if we connect.

One to one sessions can then take place in Swansea or online.  They last an hour.  I’d suggest booking three sessions to begin to get a flavour of if this style of coaching will suit your needs.

I have appointments at various times, you can find the options in the booking section.

After the session try to have at least 30 minutes where you can allow ideas to integrate and settle before getting involved with engaging mentally in work or with other people.

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Experience Embodiment

Experience Embodiment

Take time out to deeply listen to your body.
Expereince Embodiment Workshop.
2nd April 2022

What people say


we carried out a couple of simple but profound exercises in the session that have led to me making small changes in how I manage my work-life balance.

Tracy, Writer


Beth introduced me to some simple practical tools to help me stay grounded, particularly in relation to my decision-making processes. It really helped and continues to do so to this day.

Nigel Little – Teacher


Beth has a lovely calming presence and made me feel comfortable, listened to and inspired to continue this work to support my wellbeing.

Rosie Seager
Creative Arts Coordinator

Book a Free Discovery Call

Before starting embodiment coaching Beth would like to chat over the phone.

In this free discovery call Beth can explain a little bit more about sessions, find out what you might be looking for help with, and to explore the rapport and connection before committing to working together.

Embodiment coaching
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