Yoga in Swansea

Yoga therapy for stiff & stressed folk online and in Swansea area. 
One to one yoga lessons, beginner’s yoga, yoga workshops, small group yoga and yoga philosophy with Beth Cox.

Yoga Lessons

One to One Teaching

Accessible yoga for all ages and abilities delivered one to one in courses specially designed for you. Especially helpful if you are recovering from an injury or managing a health condition.

Enjoy yoga practice that is tailored to your ability and your needs.

Online Yoga Sessions

Delivered one to one, to small classes or as online videos, these include live “Zoom” events for small groups, general yoga video courses and individual lessons to suit your ability.

Sign up and get your first complimentary online lesson free.

Yoga Workshops

Generally lasting 2-3 hours, or over a weekend, our workshops are a chance for yoga practitioners to explore yoga more fully.

Typically run in small classes of 6 to 10 students, they include practical sessions and theory and are designed to help you apply traditional teachings of yoga to your own practice.

Small Group Yoga

We understand that some students prefer the anonymity of large classes.

By teaching classes in small groups, each student gets the attention they deserve. Beth can observe how you move and suggested alterations and refinements, so you get the most from your practice.

Small groups can be great fun too.

Beginner's Yoga

Yoga is often misunderstood. it is not just for the super bendy person, but is an activity everyone can enjoy.

If you have never tried yoga because of shyness, or feeling that you just wont be able to do it, think again.

Beginner’s classes are aimed at everyone regardless of ability. They have only one intention – to set you on the path of your own practice at your own pace.

What People Say

When I first started yoga I didn’t really believe that such simple exercises would cure my neck and back problems – but they have.

Sue Elward

Coming Soon - Workshops and Events

Being more Focused 
26th June

  • Improve your concentration skills through practice.
  • Understand the 3 levels of mindfulness Dhāraṇā, Dhyāna and Samādhi
  • Apply tools to help you to maintain focus (Bhāvana)
  • Stay more focused in postures, breathing and mediation
  • Explore ideas through yoga teachings

Sat 26th June 2021 10:00-13:00 Swansea Wellbeing Centre £25
Early-bird ticket £20 valid until 10/06/21

About Beth Cox

I am a highly qualified and experienced yoga therapist. I specialise in teaching bespoke one to one yoga lessons which can be tailored for recovery, support and personal development.


I also teach group lessons, workshops, and lead a yoga philosophy discussion group in Swansea City Centre.

Free Consultation

Please contact Beth if you would like a free initial consultation

This can help you get to know Beth and her style of teaching and set you on the path to home practice, specifically tailored for you and designed to help you reach your goals.

Beth's Qualifications

Beth has trained extensively in the art of teaching one to one yoga. This includes experience of working with a variety of health conditions and needs.

She is fully insured to teach through the British Wheel of Yoga.

First Class Free

Try your first group class with Beth for free, to find out if the group yoga classes would suit you.

You can book a free yoga taster class for either an online or in-person live lesson.

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